Monday, 14 April 2014

The Harm That Cocaine Does To You

Have you read the book or the movie “Killing Pablo”.  This is about the rise and fall of Escobar Pablo, the head of the cocaine cartel in Columbia. The book sensationalizes the business of cocaine and its use. Cocaine is so prevalent among the rich people because they can afford its very high price and among celebrities.

What is cocaine?

Cocaine is an extract from coca leaves found in South America, primarily in Peru and Bolivia.  It comes in two main forms, namely, the white powder form and the white or tan pellets form (also known as crack cocaine).  For thousand many years, it has been chewed and ingested and is a main ingredient in many drinks meant to treat a lot of illnesses.

What are its effects on the body?

Cocaine is a stimulant, meaning, once you take it, you will instantly feel so powerful and energized.  It enters the bloodstream and right away into the brain.  However, this immediate experience is so fleeting that it soon wears out.  Afterwards, you will feel depressed and nervous which will make you crave for it again.  Thus, you can addicted to it even after just one use. 

Along with this high feeling, you will also feel experience negative feelings like restlessness, anxiety, and irritability. Worst still, since the substance travels the entire body once taken in, it has also very harmful effects on the heart, the lungs, and the brain.  Cocaine can cause a heart attack even on healthy people.  It can also cause irregular heartbeat.  Cocaine can irritate the lungs and can even damage it.  Cocaine can also cause stroke as they can constrict the blood vessels of the brain as they enter the brain.  In short, cocaine is so dangerous.  It can even kill you even after just one use. Cocaine addiction is a disease. Just like any addiction, it is not that easy for the user to do it all by himself. He needs the help and understanding of his family and drug treatment centers.

In these centers, he can undergo a drug addiction treatment program which will certainly make him succeed in his goal of quitting cocaine.