Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Inpatient drug rehab Florida

Cocaine and Alcohol Abuse and Interactions

Combining a substance abuse problem with cocaine with alcohol abuse can cause major interactions in the body.  There are many different Rehab facilities in Florida that can help with the addiction to alcohol and cocaine at the same time.  The biggest thing that is seen in patients that suffer from alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction is an increase in the person’s heart rate.  There are also signs of euphoria.  Euphoria is labeled as a feeling of complete contentment.  Although cocaine can make you feel energized and give you more energy, the use of alcohol consumption causes a feeling of drunkenness.  When combined a person may have more energy but will still have the sedation type of feeling that comes with alcohol use.
Although with cocaine treatment the addiction is being treated many people turn to other things of addiction like alcohol.  When a person is still using cocaine and turn to alcohol while they are still using, there are effects that can be detrimental and dangerous.  When the two are mixed it creates a toxic effect because it makes cocaethylene. Cocaethylene is a substance that is responsible to up to 60% of deaths that are related to cocaine.  It can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
The use of cocaine tends to increase the speed of a person’s central nervous system.  Many people tend to mix alcohol with the use of cocaine so that the effects are lessened with one of the substances.  However, when mixed these two substances it increases the risk of death.  There are many recovery programs to help with one or both addictions.  Throughout the state of Florida there is numerous treatment facilities that will help a person who is suffering from addiction get to the root of the problem and complete a successful recovery program.  

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